How To Stay Organized During A Move

Have One Central Notebook With All of Your Information

Even if you are not the type to use notebooks or planners, this will be a lifesaver. By having one simple place to jot down all of the appointments you have scheduled, reminders to get the power and water turned on in your new home, and phone numbers of all the important people you have to contact, you can help to eliminate some of the clutter in your brain. It can be helpful to have a notebook that also has little envelopes or files in it to place business cards you receive, paint swatches you need, and any receipts that you have to hang on to for potential returns.

Keep One Box of Primary Essentials

Make sure you pack this box of essentials last and label it so that it arrives first in your new home. Include all of the most essential things that you and your family needs every day. This could include your coffee maker, your child’s favorite toy, or any other special item. It is also a good idea to keep all cleaning supplies, hammer and nails, and any other tools that are going to need to be used right away in your new home near the back of the moving truck.

Label Everything

Now this may seem like an obvious tip, but it cannot be overstated enough. The more you label, the better chance you will have at avoiding frustration upon moving into your new space. Think about the moment when you will need to find your favorite bed sheets so you can go to sleep comfortably that first night. If you have every box labeled with exactly what room it should go into during the move, you will save yourself a great many headaches. This will also help the movers, whether they are your friends and family or a moving company, to know exactly where to place your boxes when unloading them.

Always Keep a Sense of Humor and Think of It as an Adventure

Life is too short to take it too seriously. Relax and know that things will probably happen during the move that you did not expect. Prepare to take on this move with a sense of adventure and try to enjoy the process as much as possible. Also be positive about what this move will bring for you and your family. Perhaps it is allowing you to be more central to the things you guys love to do or it is closer to the school district you want your children to be a part of when they grow up. Whatever it may be, try to keep focused on the bright possibility of new things.

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