How To Prepare Your Team for an Office Relocation:

Communicate Every Detail with the Office

Communication is key for every great business relationship. Once you have made your final decisions to move, and have chosen the address of your office relocation, start letting everyone know immediately. Transparency is key right now. Your employees want to feel like they are included in the decisions and specifics of the new office location. They want to know how far their commute may increase or decrease(!) that way they can start to plan ahead.

Ask your team members for input. They may have office relocation experience moving with another company. Many of them will appreciate being involved in this decision. Just be sure to give them an accurate timeline and schedule of the anticipated move. Also be sure to update them with any unforeseen changes to the plan.

Create Excitement

Take a field trip to the new business location. Talk about it in daily/weekly meetings. If you are excited and being completely open about the office relocation, then your employees will feel the need to be as well. They will look at it in more of a positive aspect rather than assuming otherwise.

Talk about the benefits associated with their new office space. Perhaps there’s a great restaurant nearby for lunch breaks, maybe it’s easily accessible to a highway, the space might be larger, or there could be more parking spaces available. Commercial moves affect everyone in the company. Remembering this and being sensitive to others will go a long way in making the office relocation as smooth as possible.

Update Your Clients

Be sure to remember to inform your clients of an upcoming move. Whether they come by once a week or once a year, they should be informed. Losing a client over a mild oversight would be an awful, avoidable mistake.

If your customers do not visit the physical location, then shoot them an email to let them know anyways. If there is a day lapse in between office moves then they need to know how to reach you or at the very least be informed just in case. Plus, an office relocation is a great reason to just say hello, and let your customers know they’re important to your business.

Schedule a Local Commercial Mover You Can Trust

In order to have a successful move it is important that you schedule a local, professional mover that specializes in office relocation. Details are extremely important no matter the size of your company. Nobody wants to have items lost or misplaced, and not every local moving company are actually professional commercial movers. You will need to count on a moving company to properly move heavy office desks, cubicles, filing cabinets and more.

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