Top Romantic Ideas If You Are Moving Around Valentine’s Day

Six romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day if you just moved:

Give an in-home message. Sore from moving boxes or furniture? There’s nothing that a romantic massage can’t fix. Save some alone time to work on those sore muscles and just relax for a bit.

Surprise them with romantic notes. While you are going through boxes, tuck some surprise “I love you” notes into them. When your significant other opens them up to finish the tedious process, they will instead be pleasantly surprised.

Take a bubble bath. What better way to break in the new tub? Spend this Valentine’s Day soaking up each other and some bubbles during some romantic tub-time.

Light a fire. Does your new home come with a fireplace? Light it up and have a nice evening in, just the two of you. A nice fire is the perfect setting for a romantic evening.

Play your song. While unpacking and putting away, play some music to listen and dance to. If you have a special song between the two of you, put it on and share a moment together.

Explore the local scene. If you have just moved to a new place, exploring the surrounding area could be a fun adventure for the two of you. Find a restaurant that neither of you has been to before, and fully embrace the exploration.

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