How to Deal with Moving During the Holidays

If you are considering a residential move on the holidays, the following are some tips to reduce your stress during this hectic, exciting time:

  1. Hire a certified and dependable moving company. Whether your next home is across the street or the country, hiring professional movers can make your life easier. From boxes and moving materials to boxes, moving companies are prepared to make your move as quick, safe, and painless as possible. Try to hire movers as early as possible.
  2. Put extra thought into packing. Packing and labeling your items will help separate which ones you want during the holidays and which items you won’t need afterward. For example, keep holiday decorations and gift wrapping materials separated from your household belongings to avoid digging through all of your boxes.
  3. Maintain the holiday spirit. Do not let the move put a damper on your holiday cheer! During the ride to your new home, play some holiday music. Try to keep things festive during this hectic time. If you have children, make sure you have activities (coloring books and games) to keep them occupied. Also, don’t forget to tell them that Santa has their new address.
  4. Once the move is complete, just relax. Now that the chaos of the move is done, take time for yourself and unwind. Whether it consists of watching a holiday movie or taking a hot bath, enjoy the holidays at your new home.

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