How to Make Money When You Move

However, what if you could make some of that money back?

The following are items you can sell (if you don’t need or want them) to make extra money for or from money:

  • Clothes – Whether you take your clothes to a thrift store or decide to host a yard sale, not only is selling your clothes profitable, but it can lighten your load comes moving day.
  • Electronics – If you have a box of working – but old – smartphones, iPods, or electronics, it is possible to sell them on online stores, such as ecoATM, Gazelle, and uSell. However, you can also sell your old electronics to friends and peers.
  • Furniture – If you would like to purchase new furniture for your new home, how about selling your old one. If you have a special furniture collection, try listing it on specialty stores online.
  • Children’s items – The truth is that kids grow fast, so you may be stuck with a toy or clothing that has only been used a few times. Depending on how long and how hard your children wore them, you can resell these items for close to what you actually paid for them.
  • Kitchen items – While an ordinary kitchen set can sell for a few bucks, rare items are often sold for full value or more.
  • Power tools – If you want to upgrade to newer tool models when you move, named brand tools – such as Craftsman, Cornwell, and Mac – can get top dollar on eBay or Craigslist.
  • Moving boxes – That’s right, you can put your moving boxes up for sale after you used them for the move. Moving occurs year-round, so there may be people out there who are desperate to find cheap boxes.

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