Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays

It is important for homeowners to prepare themselves for worst-case scenarios. Applying adequate home security tactics can protect your family and personal belongings safe.


Consider purchasing a comprehensive, modern security system which includes door and window sensors, motion sensors, cameras and an alarm. These systems possess smart home technology that is connected to your cellphone or mobile device, giving you the opportunity get notified of a break-in as soon as it occurs. Also, install ample lighting (both inside and outside the property) that deters criminals from attempting to enter your home undetected.


If you are moving into a new area, go around your new neighborhood or building and introduce yourself to other neighbors, tenants, or property owners. Neighbors are far more likely to report a crime when they know you on a personal level, and can spot an unfamiliar intruder.


During the holidays, thieves typically examine properties by disguising themselves as charitable solicitors. If you encounter one, always ask for their identification or a card to verify the individual works directly with the organization they claim to represent.

In addition, avoid announcing your vacation plans on social media. You never know who might be keeping tabs on your whereabouts and take advantage of your absence.

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