Moving Out Of State? Here’s 3 Ways to Prepare!


A new state means a new culture, especially in states with strong identities like California, Texas, New York, or Alabama. Learning about what your new community does for fun will help you try new things while jumping into “becoming a local.” Moving to the West Coast? Consider looking into surfing or hiking! Moving to a state with a lot of snow? Research winter sports!

If being outdoors isn’t your thing, that’s okay—a state’s food is as much a part of the culture as anything else. Check out the regional cuisine your new home is known for. Places like Washington, Louisiana, Texas, and other states offer great ways to broaden your taste.


Okay, so, not very sexy advice. But! Every state has its own tax code offering different benefits and drawbacks. Instead of learning them the hard way, find a local tax guru to guide you through the basics (or just to handle your taxes from the day you move). This might save you more cash than you think, and you may even discover that you owe less taxes than you thought to your new home state!


Moving to a new place is stressful, and moving away from your community and your support network is even more so. Sometimes, the best way to cope with new surroundings is with familiar sights, sounds, and smells. If you have a go-to comfort food or a local restaurant you frequent, try to find an equivalent restaurant in your new neighborhood. That way, as soon as you feel homesick you can treat yourself to tastes and smells that remind you of home.

With these three tips, you’ll be more prepared for your out-of-state move than ever. Follow our advice, and you’ll be sure to have comfort and peace of mind in the days and weeks ahead.